Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary

Women of Joy

Mother Miriam Leonard, O.P.

As contemplative women the whole of our lives should speak of Joy. Contemplation is enjoyable. Everyone enjoys activities which suit their own nature, and contemplation suits us because we are rational beings. We enjoy knowing truth, and that joy increases when the object, the source we contemplate is one whom we love, namely God, Eternal Truth.

Spiritual enjoyment surpasses bodily enjoyment, so it follows that the contemplative life is pleasureable and enjoyable because of our love of God. "Taste and see that the Lord is sweet."

Though the contemplative life resides in the intellect, it has its beginnings in our feelings. Love inspires us to contemplate God and love Him all the more.

In contemplating God we contemplate all He is and all He has done. Creation, all whom He has created, our families and friends, those whom we do not even know. We nourish them with our love, prayers, words unspoken, dreams, hopes, desires for their salvation. Thus eventually the contemplative life begun here in this monastery will be brought to perfection in Heaven, because the fire of love that begins to burn here will blaze up even more in the heareafter when we all see Him face to face in heaven.

So let us be women of Joy and dedicate each day and celebrate each day in joy. .

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