Dominican Sisters of the Perpetual Rosary

Begin your visit with our community here at the 68th Street entrance,
where friends new and old ring the bell and are welcomed by the Sister on door duty.

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When a postulant enters our community,
her first steps take her through the monastery cloister
into our Chapel, the spiritual center of our contemplative life.
The cloister symbolizes not only our enclosure,
but also our consecration which binds us to give our lives to God alone.

Passing through our cloister,
moving from one part of the monastery to another,
constantly reminds us that we are pilgrims who have freely chosen
to make our life journey to God in solitude, silence, and prayer
for His glory and for the salvation of His People.

Chapel Cloister You are a pilgrim
because you love something
that you shall not see here,
because you are seeking after
that which is invisible,
which 'no one has seen and lived.'
That is indeed what
makes you a pilgrim--love!
It is love of something
that is not to be found here,
that is on the other side--
love also is the prize.

Bede Jarrett, O.P., in No Abiding City

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